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Staff E-Mail/Webpage List

Contact Maria Aleman  Maria Aleman Staff
Contact Carlos Arballo  Carlos Arballo Counselor
Contact Elyse Archer  Elyse Archer Office Technician
Contact Laura Archer  Laura Archer Teacher
Contact Ricardo Becerra  Ricardo Becerra Teacher
Contact Josh Becker  Josh Becker Maintenance Worker
Contact Ms. Berlin  Ms. Berlin Teacher
Contact Brian Blanchard  Brian Blanchard Teacher
Contact Cindy Bradley  Cindy Bradley Staff
Contact Brigitte Carl Mundy  Brigitte Carl Mundy Counseling Office
Contact Jose Castillo  Jose Castillo Teacher
Contact Jean Cho  Jean Cho Staff
Contact Dara Coye  Dara Coye Teacher
Contact Daniel Cramer  Daniel Cramer Teacher
Contact Wendy Cubillos  Wendy Cubillos Library Aide
Contact Wendell Culbert  Wendell Culbert Buildings and Grounds
Contact John De Luca  John De Luca Teacher
Contact Jessica Dawn Delacruz  Jessica Dawn Delacruz Teacher
Contact Leslie Dennison  Leslie Dennison Staff
Contact Florina Diacu  Florina Diacu Teacher
Contact Ivet Diaz-Sawyer  Ivet Diaz-Sawyer Assistant Principal, SCS
Contact Edna Dill  Edna Dill Staff
Contact Tracey Dominguez  Tracey Dominguez Staff
Contact Richard Escalante  Richard Escalante Teacher
Contact Monica Facio  Monica Facio Staff
Contact Darlene Faraone  Darlene Faraone Teacher
Contact Dana Fausner  Dana Fausner Teacher
Contact Michael Featherston  Michael Featherston Teacher
Contact Terri Fernandez  Terri Fernandez Computer Operator
Contact J. D. Fluekiger  J. D. Fluekiger Teacher
Contact Ruben A. Garcia  Ruben A. Garcia US History Teacher
Contact Becky Gittins  Becky Gittins Teacher
Contact Heather Gittins  Heather Gittins Staff
Contact Hayley Golshan  Hayley Golshan Nurse
Contact Veronica Goode  Veronica Goode Teacher
Contact Kimberly Guerra  Kimberly Guerra Teacher
Contact Rosemary Hernandez  Rosemary Hernandez PSA Counselor
Contact Barbara Hill  Barbara Hill Teacher
Contact Robert Hoeks  Robert Hoeks Teacher
Contact Julie Hong  Julie Hong Teacher Librarian
Contact Eric Huang  Eric Huang Assistant Principal
Contact Brian Jacobs  Brian Jacobs Teacher
Contact Henry Jassem  Henry Jassem Teacher
Contact Darrel Jobe  Darrel Jobe Teacher
Contact Judy Jones Chandler  Judy Jones Chandler Magnet Coordinator
Contact Denisha Jordan  Denisha Jordan Teacher
Contact Natalie Keshishian  Natalie Keshishian Teacher
Contact Soo Kwon  Soo Kwon Staff
Contact Ridi Lauritzen  Ridi Lauritzen Teacher
Contact Jamie Lee  Jamie Lee Teacher
Contact Soon Lee  Soon Lee Staff
Contact Venus Lindo  Venus Lindo Counselor
Contact Don Litton  Don Litton Teacher
Contact Nicole Lopez  Nicole Lopez Teacher
Contact Ryan Mafnas  Ryan Mafnas Teacher
Contact Raymond Maldonado  Raymond Maldonado Teacher
Contact Ana Martinez  Ana Martinez School Administrative Assistant
Contact Ms. Maseda  Ms. Maseda Teacher
Contact Michelle McBratney  Michelle McBratney Teacher
Contact Marsha Minassian  Marsha Minassian Attendance Office
Contact Alice Moriarty  Alice Moriarty Teacher
Contact Jayzelle Napuli  Jayzelle Napuli Financial Manager
Contact Ann Nguyen  Ann Nguyen Teacher
Contact Newton Okewoye  Newton Okewoye Teacher
Contact Sandra Patrick  Sandra Patrick Staff
Contact Leland Pena  Leland Pena Teacher
Contact Marylee Pena  Marylee Pena Teacher
Contact Marilu Pigliapoco  Marilu Pigliapoco Principal
Contact Ernestine Potts  Ernestine Potts Career and College Advisor
Contact Jacqueline Preziosa  Jacqueline Preziosa School Psychologist
Contact Chuck Ramirez  Chuck Ramirez Teacher
Contact Jim Ramirez  Jim Ramirez Assistant Principal
Contact Courtney Rios  Courtney Rios Teacher
Contact Nathaniel Roberts  Nathaniel Roberts Teacher
Contact Francesca Rochetti  Francesca Rochetti Teacher
Contact Jennifer Romero  Jennifer Romero Teacher
Contact Adam Rundgren  Adam Rundgren Teacher
Contact Stuart Sellz  Stuart Sellz Teacher
Contact Miriam Shaffer  Miriam Shaffer TSP Coordinator
Contact Janet Skidmore  Janet Skidmore Teacher
Contact Rick Swanson  Rick Swanson Teacher
Contact Marcos Tarditti  Marcos Tarditti Computer Technician
Contact Julia Throckmorton  Julia Throckmorton Teacher
Contact Mark Van Dam  Mark Van Dam Teacher
Contact Vilma Villegas  Vilma Villegas Teacher
Contact Robert Vinas  Robert Vinas Dean of Students
Contact Patricia Wallace  Patricia Wallace Teacher
Contact Dion Whitman  Dion Whitman Plant Manager
Contact Gordon Whitmore  Gordon Whitmore Buildings and Grounds
Contact Laurie Willinger  Laurie Willinger Teacher
Contact Julie Yeung  Julie Yeung Cafeteria Manager
Contact Mr. Zar  Mr. Zar Counselor
Contact Greg Zem  Greg Zem Teacher