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Lawrence Middle School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    7:00 AM - 4:30 PM

    (818) 678-7900

    Fax:  (818) 349-4539

    Magnet Schools of America School of Excellence
    Gifted Magnet Recognized
    Congratulations to our Gifted Magnet School for being awarded SCHOOL OF DISTINCTION by Magnet Schools of America.  We are proud of our teachers, Coordinator Ms. Chandler, and all our Gifted Magnet students for being recognized for the fifth consecutive year!

    School for Advanced Studies

    summer school

    Lawrence will be offering Extended Learning Opportunity Summer School in the subjects of English and Math through an online remote learning model beginning on June 24 and ending on July 22.  Online Distance Learning will take place Monday through Friday from 10:00 am-12:00 pm.  All students are eligible for this program.  Please visit the LAUSD website to register for Summer School or click the link below.  For more information, please email Mr. Zar at

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    8th grade virtual culmination

    8th Grade Awards Night 2020 Video


    school tours

    To assist parents and families with finding their school of choice, we will be offering virtual school tours to display our campus and the present information on the Gifted Magnet, Pioneering Science Magnet and the School for Advanced Studies.  Please contact Ms. Chandler to get information about our programs.

    For more information please contact our Magnet Coordinator, Ms. Judy Chandler at 818-678-7924, or email her at

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    Innovating Physical Education

    Ms. Jordan takes our Physical Education program to a whole new level with our Bike Riding and Safety Unit.PE


    “When This is Over”
    (Inspired by Laura Kelly Fanucci)

    By Ms. Throckmorton, Ms. McBratney and their students in Room 37

    When this is over,
    May we never again
    Take for granted
    Hanging out with friends
    Traveling to Chumash with my family
    Watching a movie in the theater with my family
    Seeing my lovely teachers
    Hugging my daughter, Leah, who is a nurse
    Visiting my cousins in San Diego and jumping and doing flips on the trampoline
    Swimming laps in the community pool with my brothers and my dad
    Toilet paper
    Being able to continue my acting job
    Going to school and seeing and talking to my friends
    Laughing with my friends
    Going to Las Vegas to see my friend Lea
    Spending time with my dad at the skate park in Tampa, Florida
    Seeing my cousin in Palmdale
    Being outside with my family
    Spending time with my son, Jackson
    Going to Six Flags and riding roller coasters
    Running around with my friends at school
    Being able to adopt a dog
    Going to the movies with my friends
    Swimming in the pool with my family
    Going downtown to skateboard with my dad,
    And having fun with friends and doing tricks at the skate park
    When this ends,
    May we find
    That we have become
    More like the people that
    Make lemonade out of lemons
    Help our moms and grandmothers cook
    Call their moms each morning to say, “I love you”
    Help people, no matter what
    Inspire people to help others that are homeless
    Model how to stay safe,
    And help our family take care of each other
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    50 Years of Excellence




    Superintendent Jack P. Crowther at the school's opening in 1968