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Counseling Resources
9/23/16 11:26 AM
11/16/17 2:48 PM
9/23/16 11:20 AM
12/17/20 1:51 PM

Counseling Office

8th grade   (818) 678-7918 email:
6th grade   (818) 678-7916 email:
7th grade Mr. Ranel Zar (818) 678-7917 email:
Office Technician   (818) 678-7913 email:
Office Technician Ms. Nicole Magallanes (818) 678-7923 email:

Contact List for Lawrence Middle School Counseling Office



teen line

Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP)

Each 6th and 7th grade student has an Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP) that outlines coursework, indicates instructional goals, and includes data that follows the student throughout middle school.


Counselors explain the IGP to students. Parents are welcome to contact the counselor to discuss the IGP over the phone or in person.