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Attendance Office

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Attendance Policy

Dear Parents and Students:

One of the most important factors of success in school are good attendance and punctuality. By following these policies and procedures, you will help us maintain high levels of attendance, punctuality, and safety. In addition, your child’s experience at Lawrence Middle School will go more smoothly.


1. Students should be on campus at 7:45am, to ensure your child’s punctuality to their first period class, which starts promptly at 7:56am.


2. Attendance Office opens at 7:30am. Students returning from an absence must report to the Attendance Office to be re-admitted to class; students must always bring a note which includes the student’s name, the date(s) of the absence(s) the reason, a parent’s signature and phone number.


3. Our computerized telephone program will notify parents of each absence/and/or tardy by phone twice a day.


4. Be aware that we cannot release a student or their information to anyone except those persons listed on the student’s emergency form, identification is required.


5. If an emergency arises and you must pick up your child, understand that because of class schedules it may be impossible to release your child immediately.


6. We require parents to notify the Attendance Office of any changes of address or phone numbers IMMEDIATELY. We require proof of address in the form of utility bill, rental or mortgage contract.


7. If you are moving or transferring your child to another school, you must complete a “Transfer Request Form” and return all textbooks and provide your identification.


8. Parents, please do not use the Attendance Office as a message center and delivery service. We are not permitted to interrupt class to deliver items or messages. Instruct your child to come to the Attendance Office if they are to pick up items left for them.

By following these policies and procedures, you will help us maintain high levels of attendance, punctuality and safety. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call the Attendance Office at 818-678-7928.