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Mr. Sellz
class of 2021
Culmination Leis

8th Grade Class

8th Grade Sponsor
  Stuart Sellz Teacher
8th Grade Dues

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Throughout the 8th grade school year, we at Lawrence Middle School plan many activities specifically geared to benefit the Revivables, Class of 2022.

In order to offer and enhance the 8th grade activities during the year, we collect 8th grade dues of $20.00 from each 8th grade student to support these activities. This money will provide more than $30 in discounts on class t-shirts, sweatshirts, panorama pictures, etc. and helps to finance the reward activities planned for those students maintaining acceptable citizenship and grades.


Some of the items and activities financed through class dues are:

Revivables Class Pins (free for PAR students w/dues pd…$6 value)

Class Shirts ($4 discount w/dues pd.)

Class Sweatshirts ($5 discount w/dues pd.)

Panorama Picture ($3.00 discount w/dues pd.)

8th Grade Formal Dinner and Dance ($5.00 discount w/dues pd.)

Grad Night @ Magic Mountain Buses ($5.00 discount w/dues pd.)

Talent Show and Pizza Party (free for PAR students w/dues pd. >$4 value)

Pinning Ceremony expenses

Culmination Ceremony expenses

We are asking that you indicate your child’s t-shirt size on the tear-off below. This is for survey purposes only. Your child must still pay for a class shirt. It is our hope to order the right sizes needed for students interested in purchasing class t-shirts.

Dues will be collected at the student store through February 2022. The tear-off below should be turned in along with your child’s dues payment to the Student Store. Cash is the only acceptable form of payment at this time.

Please encourage your child to actively participate in this year’s 8th grade activities by earning good grades and paying their class dues. Your support and participation is greatly appreciated.


Stuart Sellz

8th Grade Class Sponsor

2022 Dues Letter and Tear Off

culmination requirements

It is the hope of the staff at Lawrence Middle School that all current eighth graders will be eligible for a culmination certificate and participate in the culmination ceremony.  Culmination requirements for Lawrence Middle School are as follows:


The Los Angeles Unified School District requires a student to earn a minimum of 50 credits in the eighth grade in order to receive a culmination certificate in June, 2022.  A student must also have completed at least four semesters of attendance in a middle school or its equivalent.


Eligibility to participate in the culmination ceremony will be determined by the 18 Week Report in May, 2022.  Any changes made after that date to improve a grade will show on the final report card, but may not affect participation in the ceremony.


In order to participate in the culmination ceremony, a student must:

  • be eligible to receive a culmination certificate.
  • not Fail more than two classes in 8th grade.
  • not have a Fail on the 2nd Semester 18 week progress report
  • not have received a U from more than one teacher on the 2nd semester 18 week progress report
  • have not have two or more suspensions during their 8th grade school year.
  • not have a suspension or major disciplinary incident during the final grading period.


Any major disciplinary incident during the school year or during culmination rehearsals/activities, or a pattern of poor behavior, unexcused absences or tardies, may disqualify a student from participation in culmination activities.

Participation in Activities

Any 8th grade student who wishes to participate in the 8th grade activities, including the Culmination Ceremony, must meet minimum eligibility requirements. In an attempt to encourage students to strive for excellence, requirements for staying On-Par were revised in 2006, by the School Based Management Council.



Students are placed on the Non-PAR list, and thereby deemed ineligible for 8th Grade Activities:

~If they receive a U from more than one teacher

~May not fail any classes.


Students stay on the Non-Par list until the next progress report or report card is issued. When the student meets the minimum requirements, he or she is removed from the list. Students on the participation list may be reclassified “Non-Par” if their grades go down to Non-Par status for any marking period.



Students on the Non-Par list do not participate or attend any 8th grade PAR activities, including Culmination Ceremony. However, they may participate in Spirit Activities, Class Meetings and the Panorama Picture.

8th Grade Culmination 2021

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8th Grade Awards Night 2021



Visionaries Slide Show


8th Grade Talent Show


8th Grade Awards Night 2020